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The Ziggy Stardust

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MacCormack, Geoff: See Geoffrey Alexander.

MacDonald, Melanie: Tony DeFries girlfriend.

MainMan: Management company formed by Tony DeFries in September 1972 to manage David Bowie and other signings. The company had two main divisions - MainMan Artistes Ltd. based in Chelsea, England, MainMan Ltd based in New York and a smaller office in Los Angeles - MainMan West.

"Man in the Middle" (Mark Carr Pritchard): Song written by Mark Carr Pritchard and not Bowie as elsewhere reported for the Arnold Corns project and released as the B-side on "Hang Onto Yourself/Man in the Middle" (B&C CB.189 - August 1972)

"Man Who Sold the World, The" (Bowie): Bowie song on the album of the same name and later covered by British singer Lulu. Released as the B-side on "Life on Mars?/The Man Who Sold The World" (RCA 2316 - 22 June 1973).

MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, THE (1970) : Bowie album which preceded HUNKY DORY (1971) and whose album cover featured Bowie in one of his "man's dresses."

Tracks: The Width of a Circle / All the Madmen / Black Country Rock / After All / Running Gun Blues / Saviour Machine / She Shook Me Cold / The Man Who Sold The World / The Supermen / +Lightening Frightening / +Holy Holy / +Moonage Daydream (Arnold Corns version) / +Hang Onto Yourself (Arnold Corns version)

(Mercury 6338 041 April 1971)

Marquee Club, The: Performance venue which quickly outgrew its first location, on Oxford Street, and moved to 90 Wardour Street in 1964, where the Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, The Who, Small Faces, Spencer Davis Group and every other important band was showcased, along with Jimi Hendrix, the Byrds, the Lovin' Spoonful and other visiting American bands. Bowie played there in the 1960s as a support act. It no longer exists today, having been demolished. Bowie recorded The 1980 Floor Show for American TV there. It featured material from Aladdin Sane, one or two Ziggy numbers and a preview of a couple of songs that were going to be on Diamond Dogs. The whole thing was, according to Bowie, "shot abysmally." Among the guests were the Troggs doing "Wild Thing" and Marianne Faithfull dueting with Bowie on a version of "I Got You Babe." Bowie was dressed as the Angel of Death and Faithfull as a decadent nun.

“There were a lot of clubs to go to in the Soho scene in the 60’s but The Marquee was top of the list, because musicians did hang out there, pretending to talk business and picking up gigs - but picking up girls mostly. One of my keenest memories of The Marquee in the ‘60’s was having a permanent erection because there were so many fantastic looking girls in there, it was all tourists, especially in summer, all flocking to London to get an R&B star. I used to hang out at The Marquee with Marc Bolan, even before we decided we wanted to become famous. We became rivals for a couple of years then we became friends again. We were incredibly inspired by Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. There was a kind of space mysticism around Syd that we both interpreted in different ways. I saw Pink Floyd at The Marquee and was inspired to write musicals. So I ended up performing a Pink Floyd like version of 'Chim Chiminee' - very odd!! My final performance of Ziggy Stardust was at The Marquee. I wanted to go back there because I had so many good memories over the years. We changed the place completely and for 3 days we filmed what became 'The 1980 Floor Show'. I had The Troggs on with me and then got Marianne Faithfull to duet with me on a version of Sonny & Cher’s 'I Got You Babe'. I dressed Marianne in a nun’s habit with the back cut out and I dressed as the Angel of Death!” - Bowie (2001)

"She was wearing a nun's habit with no backside and black stockings. I've got that clip at home, and it is fantastic. But they wouldn't show it in America. It was felt to be beyond the pale. Madonna, eat your heart out!" - Bowie (1993)

Mayhew, Robin: Sound engineer for the Ziggy Stardust concerts. See: Robin Mayhew interview regards the live Ziggy Stardust sound

Melody Maker: Influential English musical weekly which published the famous Michael Watt's article "Oh You Pretty Thing!" in which Bowie declared he was gay. This was before such statements were fashionable. The result was huge press attention.

Miller, Geri: Underground star from Andy Warhol's play Pork and part of the Ziggy Stardust entourage in this period.

"Momma's Little Jewel" (Hunter/Watts): Mott the Hoople song from ALL THE YOUNG DUDES (1972) which Bowie produced. Bowie can be heard on the beginning of this track urging the group to continue a missed take crying: "No - don't stop - carry on."


Moonage Daydream: A collage of live Ziggy Stardust footage shot by Mick Rock on 16mm camera in April 1972.  This was the first promo that Mick Rock made with Bowie although never released.

Mott the Hoople: British hard rock band lead by Ian Hunter to whom Bowie gave the single "All the Young Dudes" and produced their album ALL THE YOUNG DUDES (1972). A demo of "Suffragette City" was first offered to Mott the Hoople by Bowie in February 1972 as a way of helping them out their financial problems at the time. They recorded it, toured Switzerland and then broke up. Later they were to reform and use Bowie's "All the Young Dudes" to resurrect their career. While subsequently offered "Drive-In Saturday" as their follow-up single, they never used it. While it is fairly common knowledge that Bowie got up on stage with Mott The Hoople at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, USA in 1972 for a version of All The Young Dudes - a less known fact is that he did the exact same thing in Guildford, Surrey, England that same year.

"My Death (La Mort)" (Jacques Brel): "La Mort" or "My Death" was originally released on the album Au Printemps (Phonogram records, 1959) and was covered by Bowie as a regular acoustic number at the 1st UK Tour and 1st US Tour and the 2nd US Tour. A live version of "My Death" from the concert at Carnegie Hall, New York on 28 September 1972 is included on the RARESTONEBOWIE (1995) album. See also "Port of Amsterdam"

La Mort (literal translation from French)

Death waits for me like a spinster
At the meeting of the sickle
To better pluck the passing time
Death waits for me like a princess
At the burial of my youth
To better mourn the passing time
Death waits for me like Carabosse
At the fire of our wedding
To better laugh at the passing time

But what's behind the door?
And who's waiting already
Angel or demon, it doesn't matter
Beyond the door, there is you

Death waits under the pillow
For me to forget to wake up
To better freeze the passing time
Death is waiting for my friends
To come and see me in the middle of the night
To better tell each other that time is passing
Death waits in your bright hands
That will have to shut my eyes
To better leave the passing time

Death waits behind the leaves
Of the tree that will make my coffin
To better nail the passing time
Death waits for me in the lilacs
That the gravedigger will throw on me
To better put flowers on the passing time

Death waits in a large bed
Lined with the cloth of oblivion
To better close the passing time.



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