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The Ziggy Stardust

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Café Royal: Venue of Bowie's "Retirement Party" in Regent Street, London on 4 July 1973. It was one of London's most expensive restaurants and chosen for its Wilderian atmosphere. The party came to be known as "The Last Supper" by fans.

Carr-Pritchard, Mark: Member of the Arnold Corns band (he played guitar) and a Dulwich College student from the band Runk. He also played with Bowie in The 1980 Floor Show.

"Changes" (Bowie): Song from HUNKY DORY (1971) which was performed on all Ziggy Stardust concert tours in 1972 and 1973. It was Bowie's first single for RCA and released as "Changes/Andy Warhol" (RCA 2160 - 7 January 1972). A live version of this song from the Ziggy Stardust concert at the Boston Music Hall on 1 October 1972 is included on the CD video SOUND + VISION PLUS (1989).

Cherry, Ava: Black American singer (with peroxided hair) in The Astronettes in The 1980 Floor Show who shared a house in London with David and Angie at one stage.

Childers, Black Leee: Platinum-haired former Andy Warhol stage manager who became Vice President of MainMan’s New York office (as well as staff photographer) and was the advance man for the US tours. He later managed Johnny Thunders and Sid Vicious.

Christmas 1972 album: An untitled double live album that RCA intended releasing in time for Christmas 1972 consisting of tracks from the US Ziggy Stardust concerts at Boston and Santa Monica. However, this never eventuated, although most of the songs at these concerts have been released on later albums, most notably SANTA MONICA '72 (1994) and the SOUND + VISION PLUS (1989) CD video.

ClOCKWORK ORANGE: Bowie has described the Ziggy Stardust concerts as like the 1971 film - CLOCKWORK ORANGE - but without the violence. Bowie used part of the soundtrack to this movie to open his Ziggy concerts (see below). In some of the early Ziggy concerts Bowie dressed in a similar manner to Alec (the anti-hero of the film) wearing white rolled-up trousers, boots and codpiece. At one stage he even considered wearing a bowler hat like Alec.  The lyrics to "Suffragette City" also show some influence with mention made of a "droog" (...droogie don't crash here...) which was the term for a futuristic thug in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

"Clockwork Orange music used at Ziggy concerts": See Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

Cooper, Alice: American shock-rock band.

'We went to see Alice Cooper and they were wearing make-up on stage and they were really heavy,' remembers Trevor. 'The music they were playing was great, I thought at the time, and it didn't look too bad, so we agreed to do it. It was a big jump from being a blues band in t-shirts and jeans with long hair and beards to wearing make-up and flashy clothes.' - Trevor Bolder explaining what helped convince them (The Spiders) to "glam up" on stage.

"Cracked Actor" (Bowie): Song on ALADDIN SANE (1973) performed on the 2nd US Tour and the 3rd UK Tour. Later to be the title of the 1974 BBC TV documentary about Bowie, the song was written by Bowie in Los Angeles and was a commentary on the people Bowie saw while driving down Hollywood Boulevard.  Bowie thought it impossible to tell the stars and would be stars from the prostitutes and runaways.

Cuddly Toys: In 1981 this band made an album called "Guillotine Theatre" which effectively is one great tribute to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The band doesn't exist anymore, after one album and a 12 inch record in 1980 (A side Madman - by Bowie/Bolan) they broke up and retired to Ireland. Sean Purcell, the Ziggy look-alike frontman and singer died in 1995.



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