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The Ziggy Stardust

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Katz, Dennis: A&R chief who signed Bowie for RCA in 1971after hearing four cuts from the six track HUNKY DORY (1971) demo tape. Katz was of the view that Bowie was "potentially as big as Presley."

Kemp, Lindsay: Film producer, painter, poet and mime artist (he taught Bowie mime and performance arts). He assisted with the choreography and assembled a group of dancers (The Astronettes) at short notice for the Ziggy Stardust concert at the Rainbow Theatre on 19 August 1972. He also appeared on stage at this concert as The Starman smoking a joint in the rafters while Bowie sang "Starman."

Kemp, Rick: Bass player of The Rats before Trevor Bolder joined Ronson's group. He was considered for inclusion in The Spiders From Mars and rehearsed with them for a week. However, DeFries did not think that Kemp's image (he had a receding hairline) was right for the group. He went on to become bass player for Steeleye Span.

Kinchy, Brian: See entry for Sands, Brian.

"Kooks" (Bowie): Song on HUNKY DORY (1971) written to commemorate the birth of his son Zowie on 30 May 1971. The HUNKY DORY (1971) liner notes state that it was written "for small z."

Korniloff, Natasha: Costume designer for a number of Ziggy Stardust concerts.



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