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"The Jean Genie"
28 October 1972


Filming of "The Jean Genie" video promo.

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Recorded: 28 October 1972
Director: Mick Rock


Video credit: David Bowie

Mick Rock filmed and directed David Bowie's second promotional video THE JEAN GENIE (4:02 minutes) in San Francisco on 28th October 1972 around the time of the Winterland Auditorium concert. It  was one of the first videos made for music television.

"David apologizes to his appreciators that the BBC refused to show the "John, I'm Only Dancing" film on Top of The Pops recently.   David's new single "JEAN GENIE" was released 24th November.  It would be nice if you could write to the BBC requesting them to show the film which David has had made for showing on Top of The Pops." - Fan Club newsletter (December 1972)

Mick Rock states that along with Space Oddity (1972)and Life on Mars? (1973) film promotions, this video was produced for less than $350, shot in one day and edited in less than two days. Cyrinda Foxe, a MainMan employee and friend of David and Angie stars in this video (see image below). That Bowie could laugh at himself is evident in a scene showing him posing outside the "Mars Hotel."

Cyrinda Foxe & David Bowie outside The Mars Hotel, San Francisco.

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