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 Key People involved in Ziggy Stardust

Cyrinda Foxe and David Bowie (1972)

Cyrinda Foxe

Seventies icon and Marilyn Monroe look-alike who worked for the MainMan organisation and appeared as the dancer in THE JEAN GENIE promotional video in 1972. She is mentioned as "Lorraine" in "Watch That Man" on ALADDIN SANE (1973) (...No one took their eyes off Lorraine, She shimmered and she strolled like a Chicago moll, Her leathers looked better and better - it was so-so...) and was to marry David Johansen of the New York Dolls and later Steven Tyler of Aerosmith with whom she had their daughter Mia.

"The Jean Genie" single promo - note similarity to above photo!

Mick Rock states that Cyrinda was a heavy influence on Bowie during the first US Ziggy Stardust Tour (late-1972) with Bowie wearing her clothes, imitating her makeup and incorporating some of her gestures in his stage act.  She released in 1999 a tell-all book of her life titled "Dream On" which included a chapter on her association with David and Angie Bowie. She also appeared in the opening scene of Andy Warhol's movie Bad.

Where is she now?

Sadly, Cyrinda died on September 8th 2002.

Subject: A note from Sylvain - NY DOLLS - CYRINDA  FOXE 1952-2002 RIP
Cyrinda Foxe 1952-2002
Another New York Doll Died today...

Cyrinda Foxe (born Kathleen Hetzekian) was the inspiration behind the David  Bowie song "Jean Genie." She was also the hottest Andy Warhol superstar ever! She really brought glamour to rock 'n' roll music with her self-invented Marilyn Monroe looks. The Armenian girl left Texas with the brightest red lipstick for New York City and became the self made star that she knew she always would be. When New York Doll David Johansen first saw her at Max's Kansas City, he wanted her so "BAD" that he wrote the song "Looking For A Kiss" !  It didn't take long for their romance to sparkle. They became the super star couple of the Manhattan rock scene. I traded Foxe for her golden stretch lame` capri pants. She took my three piece gentleman's dandy suit which I had purchased in London. Cyrinda loved wearing my suit!  I fashioned the New York Dolls famous glitter rock signature look from Cyrinda's own pedal pushers. Taking apart  her  pants to make a pattern, I then helped whipped up the look for the band. David Johansen wasn't the only David in her life. When Bowie first stepped off the Q E 2 arriving in New York City, the first thing he wanted to see was "The New York Dolls" and he came to the Mercer Arts Center . Like an alien abduction, Billy (Doll) Murcia and Cyrinda Foxe vanished into Angie and David Bowie's suite at The Plaza Hotel, only to re-emerge several long nights and short days later. David Bowie was now in love was with Cyrinda & Angie had a new lover - Billy Doll! However Cyrinda chose to marry David Johansen. Their romance was the envy of everyone. Including Steven Tyler, whom she married in 1978.
Johnny Thunders loved Cyrinda too! They had an on and off love affair for years! After Johnny Thunders died in spring of 1991, she came to one of my shows in New York City. It was so beautiful to see her again! She asked me to play the "Courageous Cat Theme" which was the instrumental that she loved and launched the glitter rock tour in 1973. She danced in front of the stage! Bouncing up and down just like it was the old days again. All I can say now is Cyrinda was such a special part of my youth. She turned me on to so many things that I'll always carry her in my heart - everyday of my life. Today heaven is a much cooler and glamorous place. Bye Sweetheart (((((Cyrinda))))) You will always live forever! (Sleep) Baby Doll - SYLVAIN SYLVAIN.

Cyrinda Foxe, Angie Bowie & Tony DeFries (US Tour 1972)

Cyrinda wrote to me a few times about this website and her time as the "Jean Genie" girl.  The emails below show the sequence of correspondence.

-----Original Message-----
Thursday, August 05, 1999 1:54 AM
Subject: web site

CF: “HELLO ! what a wonderful site you have...I enjoyed looking through it.  What a fun look into the past..a marvellous time..!! David is the only rocker that is still on top of his game. He looks great and is always doing creative things that everyone enjoys. He's the best!!   I loved being the Gene Genie makes me happy to look at the footage on tape..we had such a good time together.. Your David Bowie information is so much fun... Isn't he great?? Cyrinda Foxe

MH: I ask if its really her J

CF: Yes it is.  It was fun to look back at all of the fun pics...etc.. I am looking up at a wall with a beautiful photo of David and I together which appeared in Rock Scene Magazine..Taken by Andy Kent..that is what prompted me to look at David's pages on the web... Good Luck..! and Enjoy.  Cyrinda

MH: I ask about her recently released book

CF: Hello, The book is out of print and hard to find., it will be out in paperback in Sept. of 2000. Berkley Publishing.. If you go to you may be able to have the out of print lookers get it for can purchase for a low price the CD or tape of me edited version but juicy just the same. The film footage I have of David and myself is from his compilation video tape. At the moment I am not at my home in the City but living in the country until it gets a bit I haven't any photos with me. This year I am planning to put up a site ...Must go! my favourite "deer" is here to be fed....Keep in touch!! Cyrinda ...David is on the radio !!! how cool is that??  HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY

MH: I ask her about the Rock Magazine photo

CF: Back in the country for a few cold days..boy is it ever windy on the water !!  The photo was in Rock Scene many years ago. I don't have it out here but can put it in for you  when back in NYC.,,if I know how. the stories of David and I are fun..the one with Angie is brief but some like it...can't imagine it now !!!  Have been working on  a musical and want David to do the music..had meetings with producers and will keep going..possibly after the season ends. Pitched Bowie for the music since he is so into everything about our is about the Warhol years..hope it works out. We haven’t' even told David since we are in development on the work ..Hope it comes to fruition. Cyrinda

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