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  MoonAge DreamTime  

Trump Card - Ziggy's MoonAge DreamTime


The Cosmic Trickster is here to let you know that you have been dreaming... Now it's time to Wake Up your Higher Mind!

Reality frequently gives us little wake-up calls... Truth always shows itself in the presence of sudden Light.

Now is the time to be Really You - and let me be Really Me: FREE!

"With a journalist, when you're sitting there looking at him and you're hearing his questions, you're always kind of thinking 'what does he mean by that?' rather than asking the question at face value. When you're having that kind of dialogue on the Internet, you tend to depersonalize the questions. They don't have an agenda attached to them. So you respond to it just for what it is, rather than thinking 'why did that person ask that?' On-line questions probably get to the truth a lot quicker, [laughter] although I've gone on-line anonymously and fucked with people [who claimed to be David Bowie] and that was fun... It can become quite surreal." - David Bowie; The Web Magazine, Mar. 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)