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Stars On Sunday

by The Raver - Melody Maker (27 August 1972)

It was all glam and glitter for folks backstage at David Bowie's two sellout concerts at the Rainbow Theatre last weekend.  Among the stars who turned out to cheer David on were Mick Jagger, Elton John and Rod Stewart.  Mick was seen dancing in the aisles, and after the show there was a party, where Dana Gillespie, one of the Jesus Christ Superstars was made welcome and Bob Fripp joined in the festivities.  

There was a teeny weeny moment of upset when only one British and one Japanese photographer were allowed to take pictures and the Melody maker had its cameras confiscated.  But we aren't going to let that worry us - are we? We still got our pictures, with a secret pin-hole camera concealed in Barrie Wentzell's sandwich box.

The general verdict was "a fab gear" show from Dave and the boys and a hot flush was had by all.  But one fan, reader Jill Watkins complained about the "souvenir programme" she bought for twenty pence.  "There was no mention of the support acts, and no information about the performers," she complains.

Fools, we have warned you about these programmes before!  In the future buy only Melody Maker "Showtime" programmes available for 50p containing several shoddy photographs of non-entities and a few gratuitous nonsense about long forgotten "pop" stars.  The special "Rip Off" editions are shortly to undergo a price increase due to production costs.

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