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  The Ziggy Stardust Lightning Bolt


There were only 500 Ziggy Stardust Lightning Bolt Necklace-Pendants ever produced and together with an 8 x 10 glossy picture of David Bowie were the "prizes" in the monthly "Free Store" give-aways run by the US Mirabelle magazine in 1974.

Designed by David Bowie and produced in red ("sizzling pink") metal by BIJOUX jewelers, this is what the best dressed Ziggy fan would have been wearing in the mid-seventies. Today these are a highly sort after Ziggy Stardust collector's item.

The Lightning Bolt Necklace-Pendant

Trivia: In Todd Hayne's Glamrock movie Velvet Goldmine, the record company is also called BIJOUX...and that's what's engraved on the back of the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt necklace pendant!

Trivia: In the children TV series called Action League - one of the female dolls appears to be wearing the lightning bolt necklace!

Bowie was fascinated by the lightning-bolt symbol and used it projected on the backdrop at his concerts as the Ziggy Stardust emblem and also painted on his face for ALADDIN SANE (1973) album cover (and on his leg at concerts) to signify schizophrenia/split personality? 

Reportedly, the origin of the Ziggy Lightning Bolt was the ring that Elvis Presley wore which consisted of the words TCB (Taking Care of the Business) perched on-top of a lightning bolt.

Reproduced below is the text of the 1974 Free Store advertisement:

Mirabelle Magazine advert (1974)

"Allo, luvs - its DAVID BOWIE here, speaking to ya' from the shores of me homeland, jolly olde England!  I've been so busy here lately, workin on my new album and such, that I really haven't had much time for visiting your county!  Soon as the LP (which'll probably be called Diamond Dogs) is finished tho, you can bet you'll be seeing lots of Bowie stateside!  Hey - have ya' heard my latest single, Changes yet?  Its a tune I wrote some time ago and its always been one of my favourites - I do hope you like it too!

Well I'm right proud to find m'self the "proprietor" of The Free Store this month - 'specially since its nearly impossible to find a bargain of any kind nowadays!  Want to know just what I'm about to give away? - well, take a close look at the pendant I'm wearing around me neck.   Its an authentic David Bowie "Lightning Bolt".  Its colour is hot, sizzling pink and I designed it all by myself!  Its not the kind of jewelry you'd find in a store, cos its not for sale - its for free!  Lets just say its something for you - from me!

Would you like one of my "Lightning Bolt" pendant-necklaces? If so, just fill in the coupon below and mail it to the address shown!  When all the coupons are in, 500 of them will be chosen, totally at random.  Those 500 people will each receive not only my special "Lightning Bolt" pendant, but- as an extra bonus - an 8x10 glossy photo of yours truly - David Bowie!  So, how come you're still bidin' your time - after all, one out of all of those 500 possible winners has just got to be you!"

Debby Harry wearng her Ziggy Lightning Bolt necklace (1977)

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