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 Key People involved in Ziggy Stardust

Tony Frost, David Bowie and Stuey George (1972)

Stuey George

A black Yorkshireman who became Bowie's bodyguard/minder and who rescued Bowie from over-exuberant fans and unsavory characters on a number of occasions during the Ziggy Stardust Tours. He was to be the first of three main bodyguards (along with Tony Frost and Anton Jones) employed to protect Bowie and project the image of star-minders.

Armbands worn by Bowie's security and backstage crew

They did this by wearing karate-suits and Maoist-like arm bands titled "Bowie" and were well known for confiscating film from unauthorized photographers cameras.

Where is he now?

No information


No information

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)