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 Key People involved in Ziggy Stardust

George Underwood (at rear) and David Bowie travelling on
the Kansas - Los Angeles train (October 1972)

George Underwood

Childhood friend of Bowie's who played in early Bowie groups and eventually became a commerical artist/illustrator. He was involved in the design of the album sleeves for HUNKY DORY (1971) and THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (1972) albums/posters/flyers and graphics for The 1980 Floor Show.

Underwood was also responsible for Bowie's famous paralysed left pupil - which leaves him with what appeared to be different coloured eyes (due to light refraction) and pupil size - caused by a punch during a childhood fight over the same girl.

George Underwood was born in 1947 in London. In 1971 he formed the Main Artery studio, which produced record sleeves for David Bowie as well as T. Rex, Procol Harem & Gentle Giant. In 1972 that George undertook a commission to create a visual record of Bowie's first American "Ziggy Stardust" tour.

Where is he now?

In the 1980s Underwood established himself as a mainstream illustrator and painter with clients such as Levi's, Disney, Pirelli, Guiness, British Rail and Microsoft. He has painted dozens of book jackets for many well known works by famous authors.


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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)