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Key People involved in Ziggy Stardust Freddie Burretti

Freddie Burretti accepting Bowie's five #1 awards from Melody Maker (1973)

Born Frederick Burrett - Frederick changed his name to Freddi Burretti. In 1971 he was a nineteen year old clothes designer/tailor and close friend of David and Angela Bowie from El Sombrero - a trendy London gay discotheque. Burretti was responsible for most of the early Ziggy Stardust costumes and also fronted the temporary Arnold Corns band project where he went by the stage name of Rudi Valentino. Bowie's unsuccessful plan at this time was for Burretti to be the next "Mick Jagger."

David Bowie & Freddi Burretti on the cover of the gay magazine Curious (1970)

"First of all you have no idea how handsome this man was. David spotted him at the Sombrero. He was wearing WHITE Spandex hotpants with a navy blue sailors trim and a sailor shirt with short sleeves out of the same white spandex edged in navy on the collar and sleeves. He looked totally Scandinavian with high cheek bones and lots of blond hair, but he was tall and had big hands and feet speaking of his artistry and physical stamina. Every night he made new clothes to wear. He was so brilliant. He worked for a Greek tailor in the King's Road and he had a machine at home so he did work there too. Once we met and got to know each other I brought him down to live at Haddon Hall because it was easier for him to have everyone available for fittings etc. Before they went off on tour he came for the weekend and stayed for a couple of months and then Freddie and Danyella came with us to New York. Did he design for others? No, not really. Maybe a few things. He was just kept so busy by yours truly that it remained exclusive. I haven’t heard from Freddie since he went to Israel." - Angela Bowie (1999)

Daniella Palmer and Freddie Burretti at the 1973 Melody Maker awards ceremony in London.

David Bowie, Freddie Burretti & Sue Fussey (1973)

Where is he now?

Freddie Burretti died on May 11th 2001 in Paris.
He passed away peacefully in his sleep aged 49.
He had lived and worked in Paris since 1991.

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)