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Heddon Street
Fan Pictures

Richard (July 1980)

Susana Cayon Teran (3 October  2002)

Simon Finney (1990)

Lourdes Lozano and Paloma Suay (January 2002)

Simon, James and Katharine Finney (1990)

Andrea "Gem" Gemignani (August 2001)

Doug Arthur (April 2001)

My first "Heddon Street" visit was back in 1977 when my roommate Jas, took me up along Heddon Street and said to me
"This looks a little familiar". It was a really great surprise.   Here I am with my girlfriend Steph in April 2001 on a trip to London from Canada where we are now living.

Stephanie (April 2001)

Leeza, Helen2, Rednik, Electric Blue, Susans, Spaceface and Dick Mac set the record for most
BowieNetters in the Heddon Street phone box at one time (April 2001).

"...visiting the Bowie shrine that is the phone box in Heddon Street. Once there, much merriment was had as we attempted to set the record for most BowieNetters in the phone box at one time. Rednik made a feeble attempt to become first BowieNetter on top of the box, but failed miserably. Bemused tourists and late-night revellers looked on as the drunken raggle-taggle squeezed into the groaning box. I did the decent thing of greatly increasing the chances of success by not taking part and staying behind the camera.." - Total Blam Blam - (BowieNet European Correspondent)

Diane Skiello (October 2000)

"Phonebox trio" - Rob May & Diane Skiello (October 2000)

Craig (see also Nov 1991), son David and   daughter Hayley (November 1999).

Paul - from Sunderland to Heddon Street (2 October 1999)

"I could fall asleep at night as a rock n roll star"
Magnus (September 1999)

Raffaele Moretti (15 August 1999)

Brian Smith (August 1999)

David E Harkins (February 1999)

David E Harkins (February 1999)

Helena (1998)

Cassie Moore - aka Soul Love Child (SLC) (1997)

Craig (November 1991).  Note the later KWEST (furs) sign

The band "Thin Line" (1991)

Neil (December 1988)

Phil, Neil, Colin, Tony & Paul   (December 1988)

Chris Richards (January 1983)

Mikael  (31 January 1983)

Enni Zuliani (August 1980)

Enni Zuliani, Danilo Filios & Carla Marchesan (August 1980)

Kevin Davies (5 April 1980)

Billy Idol (far left) with his first band Generation X under the K West sign in 1977.
Next right is bass player Tony James who went on to mastermind Sigue Sigue Spuntnik in the 80's.
What is interesting about this picture is confirmation that a second (K2) phonebox existed in Heddon Street at this time!
This visit provided inspiration for their single "Wild Youth"

"Wild Youth" derived from a typically naive fan outing, as Tony James and Billy Idol went in search of the phonebox where David Bowie had posed as Ziggy Stardust: "As we turned the corner we saw someone had sprayed "Youth" on a wall" says James, "and I said, I've got this great idea for a song! So we stopped at a nearby cafe and Billy hummed out a tune and I scribbled lyrics on a paper napkin, a song literally about walking down the street and having people stare at these two spikey-haired became an anthem for us." - Mojo Magazine October 2001

Glenn MacLeod (1976)

Pulp guitarist Mark Webber at 13 years old (Photo by Tony Webber)

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)