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David Bowie At Pirates World, Dania
17 November 1972


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On the 17th November 1972, David Bowie and The Spiders played at Pirate's World Amusement Park, Dania - south of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   A special thanks to fan Greg Goode who was there and supplied the following recollections, images and reviews.

"It was an incredible experience that night because my girlfriend and I arrived early to get a good spot (they didn't have seating - just an asphalt floor). We got to see them do their sound check and heard them do about five songs prior to being let in. Bowie wasn't popular yet so maybe about 1,500 people were there....I have friends who still regret they didn't see Bowie that night. One of the funny memories I have of the show was the police who started to frisk concert-goers for drugs. It was a huge problem (not that I considered it a problem at that time in my life) for the local police, politicians and parents because of the rampant drug use at shows at that time. Anyway, this was the first time I had ever seen transvestites in my life and it freaked me out somewhat until I spoke with some and they were pretty cool. The police didn't know what to do as the males officers refused to search them and the female officers said there was no way they were doing it. So I gave my stash to one of the transvestites and gave him a couple of joints for his trouble. It was an incredible show that is still one of my all-time favorite experiences." - Greg Goode (2000)

Miami Herald's James Roos first previewed the concert:

"The weekend music list is a long one, but you can begin by wrapping up rock.  To do that start with David Bowie tonight at 8 at Pirates World, when the theatrical rock star of the dyed hair, white makeup and bizarre costumes takes to the stage with his band The Spiders From Mars. Also on the programme Nitzinger, a group introduced to Miami last July when it appeared with Leon Russell.  All tickets are $5. A less horrendous, more familiar rock and roll face turns up tonight at 8 too, at the Hollywood Sportatorium where Chuck Berry returns ......." - James Roos (Miami Herald - 17 November 1972)

On the same day an article about David Bowie was published in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Bowie's Different But Plans Changes Next Time Around - Mary Campbell (Associated Press - November 1972)

The next day James Roos reviewed the concert:

Swishing Through "Gay Rock":That's unusual attire not all - James Roos (Miami Herald - 18 November 1972)

Note: Accepted folklore has it that Bowie performed "Drive in Saturday" for the very first time on acoustic guitar at Pirates World but more recent evidence suggests that it was actually debuted earlier on November 4th and that David Bowie announced "Drive in Saturday" as a premier at a number of US gigs.

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