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Buddha Heart Wisdom


The Mind is both collective and eternal; but the brain is a part of our anatomy - it will eventually die.

The brain is something that can be taken out of the skull and chopped up... The Mind is bigger than that! (Some say that the brain is the first thing to go.) Our Eternal Mind and our brains are not succinct. We have to learn how to meditate; to dis-cover the Light of our own Divinity, or Buddha Nature, through stilling the racket of our brains.

Mind is inclusive of all beings; it is collective consciousness. We can discover Buddha Nature by opening our Hearts. Our Higher Power, the Mind receives this Light... The Light is an actual phenomenon; it is not a feeling; it is not knowledge. It is inclusive of these things, but resides in the Spirit. It is the very thing that animates the bones of right action.

If we can learn to be still with the energy, others will learn from our example. Like the lotus flower rising from a seed, our Hearts also rise up... Energies of enlightenment ascend upward, through the murk and muck of the world, uniting us with our Higher Power. Here, we attain Inner-Peace.

Inner-Peace is the true power that all beings strive for... (It does not, however, come from striving; it comes from meditation!)

"I think when I was working as a younger man, I had a pretty fatuous idea that I was, that my work was me, you know... But it's an aspect of my person, my myriad and complex personality. I was quite certain that it represented me and in fact, at the worst times in my life I think it probably stood for me... I'm not of that persuasion anymore. I feel much... [Loud commotion outside] I'm sorry. I just can't concentrate when other people are talking... [Laughing] My voice has to be the loudest in the room!" - David Bowie; Raygun, Oct. 1995

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)