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There are many levels of strength, but the greatest comes with the passage of individuation. It often begins with the question of Loving The Alien. A good sense of humor is crucial to one's personal survival. Individual means "undivided"... Instead of giving-in to fear, perhaps one could try an attitude of wonder and curiosity. Perhaps the ultimate truth is to admit your own lack of knowledge or ignorance? In this respect, we are all newcomers; Aliens.

When the ego is based in emotions like fear, paranoia and attachment, we become dis-eased. We buy-in to that dis-ease with conscious focus, allowing it to solidify and dictate "reality". That is a form of disempowerment. It's possible to look at such emotions mindfully, to prayerfully make a shift in one's energy toward a higher vibration. Consider that, as a person you can be dominated - but as a presence, you cannot. An individual understands issues such as empowerment and right action.

Unfortunately, some people are not observant enough; they have not been given the information and tools that they need, and only evolve from the experience of suffering. Many pride themselves on this kind of supposed strength, but without forgiveness, and it becomes relentless and alienating.

It's impossible to merge with kindred spirits unless we are rendered vulnerable. An individual learns to take his or her own weaknesses and mutate these energies into a balance containing both strength and vulnerability.

"You know something? Whatever I do, wherever I go, someone somewhere feels betrayed. I'm not singing this song, I'm not wearing these kinds of clothes, my sexuality seems to now be polarized toward heterosexuality. But it's what I am, it's why I am - that's why I represent this word chameleon. I think we live in a fully hybridized world where there is no such thing as an absolute. I'm not somebody you can put in a box and describe in five words." - David Bowie; Details, October 1995.

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)