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Virtual Control?/The Tardis


(The word TARDIS, from the BBC episodes of Dr. Who, stands for "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space")

This card is poking fun at our addiction in trying to control outcomes. "I will live my life on bended knee, if I can't control my destiny."

We're mistaken to think that much of what we see or try to control is the "real" Speed of Life. The more we try to prove our convictions, our actions and "reality" - the easier it is to lay a heavy trip on ourselves and those around us. One who practices magick learns to police and question that tendency closely. What is the intention behind what you're doing? (Big question mark.) Are you being true to your absolute Self, or is there a doubt in your Mind?

There are no coincidences. No one can live your life but you. The sound or process of Breaking Glass is a holographic message in the three-dimensional: it's telling you to get a grip. It signifies that an "old program" is being broken. It signals an outlet in which it is possible to release negative energy and anger - ask yourself, should you need to throw something or pound on glass with a hammer. We can learn to bend with the Speed of Life in the same way that glass bends, but never breaks... It's all just pure, raw, unadulterated energy.

Whatever we do or say effects the ability to enhance genuine communication with ourselves and others - and for going the farther distance in our all journeys, travels and travails. We are all multidimensional, with a huge potential for creativity and chaos. Are you Always Crashing in the Same Car?

"I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional family. There's an awful lot of mental illness in my family, spanning two or three generations. Fortunately, somehow or other, I've been able to harness that experience in the kind of work that I've chosen to do. In fact, having a way of expressing myself has kept me sane. Sure, I've done serious mutilation in the past, emotionally and spiritually - albeit briefly. But it made me realize how much I need to encompass, both in the conventional and unconventional, the orthodox and unorthodox sense, in my diet of life... What I'm good at doing, and what I'm best at doing, and what I understand and feel a part of and comfortable with is - a world of synthesis. I synthesize all of my enthusiasms of a given moment." - David Bowie; Interview, Feb., '97

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)