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Miracles Now/The Lover



We feel connection to our Higher Power as a vibration. The music that we love to create and listen to is a Word On A Wing: an expression of what we dream. Our dreams establish a bridge between the subconscious and spiritual bodies. Here, we meet The Beloved, who reveals direction on how to look through the veil of our own denial; to better-celebrate the physical vehicle of our own body in an eternal dance with others. The Beloved One is revealed through the Colors, Sounds and Visions of one's Mind, coming to teach us how to quicken the balance of positive masculine and feminine energy into existence.

Our dreams resonate to our true feelings about The Beloved, as telepathic messages. We receive guidance from this starry wisdom and humor.

This process is an alchemical miracle, generating itself within the total physical being. The Beloved is our Mind, directing our Body. This is a rapturous dance of unity with all duality, inclusive of all things. We can learn to interpret signs through the arts, and through studying such energetics as color therapy, the exchange of sexual energy with others through color, auras and reiki. In this way it is possible to move beyond the limitations of time and form. There once was a time on this planet when EVERYONE was able to do hands-on healing, naturally...

There was a time when the exchange of sexual energy healed us, because it was not separate of Love, evolving in our Hearts and Mind. As one embodies such potential, one will come into a sense of right action and Truth. We are living in a time when we can use such truth to nurture the self, rather than exploit and confront ourselves and others. This is the ultimate Miracle, for it is the Light of your Truth that becomes the defining factor of what it "means" to Love.

"And everything I've written is about 'Who is my God? How does he show himself? What is my higher stage, my higher being?' ...I feel that the emphasis on a one-to-one relationship with God is really the most beneficial to me, personally. ...looking into the eyes of one that you love. That, for me, is the surest sign that there is a greater spirit than all of us." - David Bowie; The Music Paper, Mar. 1997

All Designs and Text Orandon Marie 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)