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The Master


Consciousness is multidimensional. It will take us into the past, present or future, and all these events can happen in the blink of an eye. The Master knows how to maneuver between the impermanence of "reality" and the Fame and Fashion that comes along with playing the game of life. The Master knows that It's No Game. Worldly Consciousness is more of a journey through hallways of mirrors and doorways guarded by our own angels and demons.

The challenge is to neutralize the energy - and Don't Look Down.

The Master is not confined to physical positionality. He or she knows how to cultivate a point of center within, ready to travel or do anything it takes to establish balance and harmony for the good of all. The process of procuring Light may become as fleeting as the metaphor of a blank page (and the potential it holds)... Or as stainless as the blue sky, empty and clear... Or perhaps a sand painting that has just been kicked - yet still these shifts hold the essence of what is always to remain.

In this way, one learns that it is impossible to manage one's self without first mastering the navigation of one's point of center.

To embody this point of center, a Master never gives in to self-pity.

"...most of the religions that developed within the course of the last thousand years have been absolutist and fundamentalist. I think that is so scary... I think anything that is absolutist and fundamentalist, including politics, is such a rigid and nonsensical system it just cannot work for our society. For me, the key word is hybridization." David Bowie, Seconds, Oct. 1995

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)