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The Lord of the Land's End


Learning the right use of one's power is of issue. There are many kinds of power in the world. In the beginning, the place of learning can sometimes become, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery writes - "a secret land of tears". Everyone needs to establish healthy boundaries in their lives in order to feel safe. We have different levels of boundaries for ourselves, with close friends, relatives, family members, pets... On the outer perimeters are co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, people we see regularly on the street. And still further Outside are the strangers or people with whom we've broken ties. Whom do we allow into our Sacred Space, and why is that?

Here, The Little Prince (age 50) is standing on his own personal asteroid, db2002. Like him, we all have a secret place where we must go to face our deepest wishes and fears. Power can feel foreign. For this reason, we sometimes have guilt in taking our power. We need a clear understanding of our boundaries, and how it is that we establish a target-range of healthy boundaries. Perhaps this is why the Little Prince hesitates to leave the familiarity of his Precious Flower. Do you have a need of approval from others? Do you "perform" for people, or seek revenge just to get some kind of validation? "What have you been doing to yourself?" With compassion and humor, take a closer look at where you are.

In this Sacred Space, we can learn to look at ways in which we empower ourselves, and then face how it is that we share that power with others... For power is simply energy, and we get back what we put out there. It Happens Outside.

"I refused to be a banner-waver for anything or anybody, and I did not want everything that I was doing to be purely colored by my sexuality. I was dealing in a very primitive way with a very new area of public perception. I made as many mistakes as I made positive moves, but that's all right because that's what I did - and those were the times and that's the history of me. And that's great." - David Bowie, Details; Oct. l995

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)