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Do you believe in Magick?

Magick arrives with your own ability to go deeply within... Make a commitment to transform your inner- delusions of doubt, cynicism, jealousy and greed, for this is a place that you cannot afford to be Telling Lies! Are you willing to feel your own feelings very deeply? Can you look into the Darkness of your own Self, find the Light and Tell the Truth? (If only to yourself?) If you say that you don't believe in Magick, a Fairy will die. (Put the cards away until it's time to come back and BELIEVE. Don't force it, or your visions will backfire! "I'm your future, and tomorrow; and the end...")

We are The Shining Ones.

"...I think the kind of imagery that I was most interested in evoking, the kind of area I wanted to place my psyche in, was radically different. The two or three times I tried LSD, in the company of people who were used to taking it, I just didn't get the kind of kick I needed... It was a bit too magical for me, and there was a pansy quality to it. I wanted something dirtier and more crazed... The drugs I was interested in were amphetamines and cocaine, because I always lived with such a fast-event horizon, and those drugs seemed to keep things happening... I paid with the worst manic-depression of my life. My psyche just went through the roof; it just fractured into pieces... And there were pieces of me all over the floor." - David Bowie; Penthouse, Nov. 1983

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)