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The Universe


Everything that you need is inside of you.

What blocks you is only duality; illusion. There is a whole new universe waiting for you on the other side! This is the place where lies cease, and the immanence of truth becomes the jewel of your own immortality.

It is a place of magick and potential; liberation and trust. Herein rests the answer to the Riddle of The Magician: what happens as you continually work well on yourself?

The Universe will work well on you!

"For me, it was the joy of recreating the gleeful mischief of the Dada era, and applying it to rock. That kind of juxtaposition, that synthesis, always excites me because it takes two known ingredients and produces a third, totally new thing." - David Bowie; Interview, Feb. 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)