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You are the Judgement/Angel of Awakening


As long as you see your own body as being separate of your spirit, you are divided. The Angel of Awakening invites you onward through the doorway of manifesting the purpose of your life through True Willpower. You are being challenged! If you have done your homework and surrendered your critical thinking over to God and Goddess, you'll come face to face with your Higher Power; the Spiritual Mind of your Consciousness.

"I'm So Thankful that We're Strangers When We Meet"... You have the ability to define what is sacred to you, and each time that you do so, the world is new. Your True Will is at issue here. Give your body and soul permission to merge; work hard to manifest reality as a way of your connection to the Earth. This does not have to be a desire that you fixate with mantras and prayers (although some people may have this need). It can be as simple as a heartfelt wish. Make that Wish and release it over to Great Spirit!

Expand on this sacred process. Be of good service to others with a clean Mind and clear action. In this way, you will never lack the energy you need to manifest your reason for living. It's like looking at your own face in the mirror and seeing the Eyes of God shining back through your own eyes; strange, yet familiar.

"I'm not an original thinker, or an innovative thinker. What I am good at is putting my finger on the aspects of what makes our culture what it is right at this moment, and then synthesizing that and almost refracting it through a broken mirror... I am holding your mirror, and it is a broken one." - David Bowie; Pulse, Feb. 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)