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  MoonAge DreamTime  

The Magician/Eternity


The Universe is at your disposal; but to access this doorway of power, you must face the riddle of The Magician.

Mysteries and Little Wonders abound beyond this realm of duality; black and white, good and evil... Beyond form and time is a great void of impermanence. It's eternal condition is in a constant state of warp and woof; yet nothing is permanent. Nothing Stays The Same! To look for permanence is to become a victim of delusion.

The Magician will give you teachings and tools needed to assist your navigation through change: these tools have the meaning for you that you give them. They are made of the elements of fire, air, earth, water and spirit. They will lead you into the balance you need to Hang Onto YourSelf, crossing the Great Abyss of disintegration!

The riddle that you must face is this: what happens as you continually work well on yourself?

"There's nothing purist about what I do. Much of what I do is a collection of odds and sods that life throws at me. I'm a holder! [laughter] I'm an artistic holder." - David Bowie; Raygun, Mar. 1997

All Designs and Text Orandon Marie 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)