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MoonAge DreamTime

Dharma Guardian/The Sun



We are often told that our perceptions are "fantasy" and madness. Many of us are instructed to stifle this inner-authority. Some of us have been encouraged to suppress our insights and to follow along like sheep... Others have been abused as children; having had their innocence stolen or exploited. Coupled with the need for validation, we have sometimes been set-up for physical punishment, or demeaning verbal and sexual abuse. We live in a world where children are seen as possessions and not human beings.

There is a Happy Land where Divine Protection and Creative Juice is stirred up within our Innocence. Here, Ziggy is what is known as a Dharma Guardian or Dharma Guide: his songs speak to our Innocence, guiding us back to the essence of the Child-Self. This sensation of Light is stirred up within our actual integrity, like blinding rays of sun. It is the flash of clarity that we've always known from the time we were born.

Sunflowers are Ziggy's favorite flower. They represent our willpower and creative expression. A sunflower enables you to know the facts regarding any matter; they also guard against astral pests. Pleiadian myths tell us that flowers are seeds that come from the stars, and that their colors are the colors of Heaven... Dragonflies carry us, shape-shifting our consciousness into the Shamanistic DreamTime... Giving us the ability fly through dreams as a little child, an elf, faerie or devic spirit... Pay attention to your dreams, your friends, your hopes and your wishes: for these are the things that direct your life and your ability to manifest your purpose! You are divinely protected.

"I was determined that the music we were doing was the music for the Clockwork Orange generation; and I wanted to take the hardness and violence out of those Clockwork Orange outfits - the trousers tucked into big boots and the codpiece things - and soften them up by using the most ridiculous fabrics. It was a Dada thing..." - David Bowie; Q, May 1993

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)