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Psychic energy often feels recursive and warped when we've had our heads in the sand for too long. "I'm Deranged." (The more enlightened you become, the less you really know!)

We leak a lot of our power and energy by plugging-in to fixed images that we have about ourselves. Maybe the cycle of energy feels off, or there is a flux in hormones that is making one a little in-sane? Are you nurturing fear? Fear, can only stay where it is invited; but once it pays a visit, it can soon become like bad company that won't go away! Try simply being with yourself. Get to know your Self. Time to do some deep breathing and get a little rest & relaxation. Resolve your thoughts and then give them a ritual burial: the situation is affecting your body, and your body wants to recover.

"I think that we can get much nearer to the certainty of happiness in the time that we're alive. But looking for sustenance, looking for something outside of ourselves for sustenance can only lead to depression, I think. We have to find that sustenance within ourselves." - David Bowie; The Music Paper, Mar. 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)