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Hope/The Star



The Vampire Lestat shows himself through Bowie; a reflection on the Spirit of a Tribal Memory, as revealed in the Vampire Chronicles of author Anne Rice. Many within such a Tribe identify with a "Gothic" dark side from past lifetimes, ensconced in romantic and religious symbolism - symbolism that has served only delusion. The density of these old forms bleed-off our life-force energy. Many of us are come to learn that if our gods don't serve us, we should find ones that do; for our relationship our gods is a cooperative one - by all means!

All suffering comes from the loss in not knowing our true origins. Our only hope is to find enough compassion for ourselves to face the nature of our own dark side... It is not separate of Spirit or of "Other". We often attract others who represent the qualities that we most despise within ourselves.

A re-claiming process evolves from the desire to embody what is Sacred. Rather than participate in the exploitation of others, our isolation asks that we take a closer look at the agendas behind treating other living beings as inanimate objects to be "owned" and "possessed". We must acknowledge that such reptilian-thinking has never served humanity. It is ultimately political and racist; based in dominator culture. (Where is Our Home?) When we forget our origins, we forget about our potential for perfection.

Learning to love ourselves unconditionally, we can also bond with and love others in this same manner. This is possible through compassion and self-acceptance: acceptance of the good, the bad and the ugly traits we have to face within our own natures. Have you ever heard a diamond scream? In the same way that a diamond evolves from a piece of coal, you too, can shine. Be a Shining Star. It is your Divine Right to bring your Light into Perfection!

"I'm intrigued with the momentum in body art. Scarification, tattooing and the like. It's become almost an alternative, well, a complementary medium to paint and wood and stone, now flesh, another part of the palette. One wonders why - where could it possibly go? It seems to me it's aligned to a kind of pagan deviation from Catholic rituals. There's some act of appeasing the gods in all of this... It's almost because there isn't significant thought now in Judeo-Christian ethics that popular culture is taking up a lot of slack. Some would say in a gratuitous manner, with violence and sex, but I wonder if it isn't really another form of ritualization, an area where fears and hopes and euphoric states and depressions are dealt with..." - David Bowie; Out, Oct. l995

All Designs and Text Orandon Marie 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)