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The Tower/Choice



Anyone can sink to a level of making one's life nothing but a spectrum of futile argument, debate and logistics. It can be fun; but it builds into a kind of fever, because the intellect is not being properly cared for. One may as well be banging one's head on a wall... (A wall that blocks-off our genius-potential.)

The frenzy of festering thought-forms, The Screaming of Nothing - is like a gold-rush of computerized garbage... It's possible to keep pushing the boundaries, to risk everything for more, more - until met with Utter Destruction.

Competition and bondage become self-devouring. Have you taken it upon yourself to change someone else? You cannot forcibly do this without interfering with that person's freedom. In this way people show an ultimate disrespect for each other (who they are, and one another's histories). A breakdown is needed! It may lead to the eventual break-through that can bring new possibilities. Breakdown will clear-out the conflict of misunderstanding. Enlightenment - like White Light, White Heat - is always very sudden!

"It was such an extraordinary image, seeing the Wall come down. And now they're really bringing it down. I can't believe that it has happened. Everybody in Berlin was fully convinced that it would be up another hundred years. It's quite spectacular... It is all over. It is all over. What is to replace it, we shall see, won't we?" - David Bowie; Interview, May 1990

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)