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MoonAge DreamTime

The Devil/Fear



There is a deep psychic memory within many people regarding the separation and - the war - of Body and Soul. For some, this separation has been accomplished by the doctrines of religious dogma. Such teachings will tell us that Heaven and Hell are separate; that our Souls are outside of our Bodies... But when we're in pain, we know better. There is no separation between Heaven or Hell, Body and Soul; for they are planes of reality right here.

Portrayed here are the actual x-rayed skeletons of deformed babies. They mirror the real effects of genetic experiments and the abuse of the Earthling's ecosystem... Through past-life regression and abduction stories, many people have a psychic recollection of having gone through some kind of genetic mutation, dealing with physical and genetic disabilities... Memories that keep them bound to their bodies like a small plot of land. The signals that manifest are such things as seeing all aspects of life in extremes or polarities and oppositions. Victim mentality; mental illness; a tendency to be broken and to sound broken, like a broken record... Physical, mental and verbal abuse; sexual obsession, addiction and rape. Sex without love; murder. All of these actives lead to the dark night of the soul.

Again, the Earth is the witness of you and your life. Without a doubt, this is self-grasping darkness: colliding into long-term suffering and death.

"I think original sin has done such massive damage to our psychic lives. It's made an unhealthy issue of sex and death - those two things are our greatest worry. That's why you have violence and sex in popular culture and not in the Church." - David Bowie; Seconds, Oct. 1995.

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)