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"Research has pierced all extremes of my sex." Does Science respect the distinction between intellect and instinct? Does your doctor play God well enough for you to turn your life over to him or her? The debate is always over how much a person is able to heal themselves from within. (What would that do to the business of medicine?)

The nature of alchemy is a process of stages; from chaos, there is the seed of coagulation and birth. With birth, there is budding, followed by ripening, fruition, and then death. After death comes putrefaction; a kind of Contamination element which breaks down the vessel of the body and then transmutes it, once again, into chaos.

Alchemy is the relationship between vessel and it's spirit. Our lives are alchemical, shifting monthly with the cycles of the planets, and yearly with the season. Rather than understand the immanence of these shifts within ourselves, we tend to be the Voyeurs of Utter Destruction - watching and waiting while these shifts take place in others... Or, we allow doctors to "tell" us about our own bodies; to "treat" us as objects of experimentation.

We could attune to the signals of our Angels and Spirit Guides for help and guidance... We have the power to pray and ask them for signs; to be guided instinctually to the help, tools, medicines and information that we need. Know that any process of healing or transformation is bigger than you; bigger than any form of medical advice or assistance. Take charge of your own transmutation - let your doctors know that you have put in a "word" to their own angelic guides.

Your certainty does not rely solely upon Science.

"It has become increasingly apparent to me how mortal one's life is, and I think that really starts to unclothe all your illusions." - David Bowie; Raygun, Oct. 1995

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)