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Every step that we take in life is a "bardo" or peak experience. That is, we often feel like we're in a no-man's land... A "Low" place of in-between-being and becoming. "Can you make, can you make it through? Can you make, can you make it through, my friend?"

It's been said that these shifts and Changes are like standing in a rushing bed of water: the river is one, but the waters are changing. We can take the Changes in our lives Station to Station. Like a little baby taking the first steps - it requires some sensitivity to the moment... Rather than fight for "under-standing" - it is time to take the step of radical trust in the Universe! In this way, we transcend! If you are insensitive and try to go too far by pushing your willpower - death will surely restrict you. Something inside of you will leave - until you are strong enough to try again.

Faith in accepting that you have no choice but to surrender to the process of life cycles is part of The Mystery; it's a mystery teaching. The vibe goes beyond explanation or understanding; it's something, more, to be transformed/transmuted through conscious experience. In times like this, we often feel convinced that we've been deserted by our Spirit Guides and Watchers... When it is actually their energy holding us up.

"I rather think the older I get, the faster you let go of what you do, the better for your sanity." -David Bowie; Raygun, Oct. '95

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)