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Equilibrium calls for balance between how much time you spend between your body, your brain, your emotions, and your Eternal Mind or Spirit. Spirit is not inclusive of thinking-thoughts: Spirit is an empty and clear void that we can maintain within ourselves like a stainless sky. It is a kind of Space Oddity... For without honoring this sacred void, we become imbalanced; self-grasping and addictive.

Our lives become dysfunctional and disturbed when we seek drama and thrills over simplicity and groundedness. Rather than Look Back In Anger, it may just be a matter of patience and staying open. The truth will always register itself in your heart and in the three-dimensional. It may be a feeling of deep-dropping heaviness, or like the tickle of a feather. We have to look at the Shapes of Things, for the Earth always bears witness to our little bubbles of illusion - leaving us with the solid facts of what it means to be an Earthling.

With the Earth as your Witness, know that you do not need become your own worst enemy.

"I mean, for all the times that I make myself look a pranny, I also do things that I know are good. And unfortunately, you have to go through the pranny-making process to get to anything good. You've got to make mistakes and once you get past that, it's a lot easier because you say, 'I'm going to make a lot of mistakes but I know if I keep going, there's something really exciting in here and I've got to follow it - I don't CARE what people think and I WILL wear these trousers - ha ha ha!" - David Bowie; New Musical Express, 1 Feb. 1997

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)