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The Dharma Wheel


Human beings don't always comprehend the nature of Changes. It's sometimes difficult to understand that changes reside within the spaces between action and behavior. We're often caught by unexpected surprise when it's time to "Turn and Face The Strange Changes"...

We have seasonal cycles that hone-in on our animal instincts; we also have monthly cycles of movement and nonaction. These phases are known as Bardo Phases. In Tibetan Buddhism, they are described as astral planes of peak experience; The Land of the Gods (pride), The Land of Jealous Gods (speed and jealousy), The Land of Humans (passion), The Land of Animals (ignorance), The Land of Hungry Ghosts (possessiveness) and The Land of Hell Beings (anger, fear and hatred). Thus, The Dharma Wheel.

Life cycles repeatedly commit us to looking at our actions and the effects of those actions on others. With attention, we might be lucky enough to understand how this process brings to our lives more clarity! "Destiny" implies that there is some choice involved; whereas "fate" is random. These things depend on cause and effect patterns, the Karma of our action and conscious awareness.

Attention is the coin between the realms of cause and effect. Attention enables us to become adept at manifesting what we need. In this way, the past, present and future are made obsolete. What matters is the process; the Zen of the Here and Now.

"I'm terribly wary of this and I'll tell you why: the only reason is that I'm fighting furiously to keep it non-linear." - David Bowie; Raygun, Oct. 1995, on the conception behind the OUTSIDE cycle.

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