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The Trickster/Alien Summer is Here


"You are not a victim; you just scream with boredom! You are not evicting time..."

What is time that it has the power to grind everything you know into dust? Some say that time is moving faster, but perhaps it is your own consciousness that is moving time...?

In dreams, the time-scale is everything; you can travel through the stars, have dinner in another galaxy and return to your body to see that just a minute has passed! Music is a DreamTime vibration that will lift you and take you to places you might otherwise never go! Learn how to play and to dream; trick yourself out of time! It is all illusion - (not real).

Life is always shifting shape, like a mandlebrot. You can become a part of another Dreamer's Dream, and not even know it! Dance and laugh! Be seriously playful and playfully serious!

"In a way, history almost ceases to exist - possibly, we can't really entertain the idea of a future in the same way. Which may not be a bad thing. I mean, by hacking off the limbs of both past and future we might have created a workable future where we have to deal with things on a day to day basis, rather than having long-term plans for a world which really can't afford to have long-term plans..." - David Bowie (The man who credits "timing" as the key to his success); Esquire, Oct. 1995

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-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)