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Angela Bowie Interview
Part 1

"I just like seeing boys look pretty and singing about something."
Valentines Card.  Angie Bowie & Christopher Jennings - Los Angeles, 1985. 
Photo by Steve Arnold

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What do you think of the Velvet Goldmine movie and your portrayal by Toni Colette?

I heard great things about the soundtrack. When I saw the movie, I thought the music was fairly good. But I felt the story was muddled around in glamrock masturbatory narcissism. In a movie we expect finished product, not vague sketches or a maybe idea. I had no idea Toni Colette was playing me!

My daughter Stasha called me ranting one night saying she had just watched the movie again with some friends and she was incensed that I had been portrayed so callously. I said, "Stash, it’s fiction, it’s a story, that’s not me. You remember they asked me to consult and Clearence couldn’t get them to agree on money." She was not ready to accept that logic.

"It is, it’s you, they tried to make it you. Why didn’t you consult it would have been better? That was David who they were pretending to be the other guy."

At that point there wasn’t much more I could say.

My daughter Stacia Alexis

What do you think of David’s new album Hours?

I am crazy about David's new album!

Do you keep in touch with Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey?

No. I have not kept in touch with them.

Do you keep in touch with others from the period?

I saw Danyella in London about 5 years ago and she was fabulous and beautiful as always, keeping in touch with Kevin Cann. Hope you read this Kevin, Hi!

I saw Mick Ronson before he passed away and Tony Visconti, we have done a Howard Stern television show together with his new lady wife May Pang.

What are your memories of the following key Ziggy Stardust people?

Lindsay Kemp - "One of my favorite people on the planet and I bless David for getting me to go up to Edinburgh and collect the troupe for the Ziggy Stardust show at the Rainbow, Finsbury Park"

Leee Black Childers - "Another of my favorite people on the planet. We have been having adventures all over the world since that time. Leee took my band to Europe to play in Ibiza, Barcelona, Vienna, and Berlin. He is in New York now."

Cyrinda Foxe - "I try to see Cyrinda whenever I am in New York. We celebrated out daughter's birthdays together in New York for Stasha’s 16th birthday. Martha Reeves came to the party and serenaded Mia and Stasha. They were blown away. It was very cool!"

Jayne (Wayne) County - "Jayne is fabulous, I spoke to her on the phone about 6 weeks ago while she was visiting Atlanta and Mr. Funtone, the divine Dick Richards who Jayne introduced me to and who is now the webmaster for my site. Jayne’s book is a tremendous read and I believe she is waist deep in negotiations for the film rights."

Cherry Vanilla - "I spoke to Cherry about three weeks ago and we were supposed to meet in Los Angeles but then I got busy and didn’t want to go so I missed her. She is busy working with Vangelis and is between Europe and Los Angeles."

Photo by Ken Marcus

Mick Ronson - "He was a dear man who I adored as you can tell from the descriptions in Backstage Passes. There was a wonderful reunion organized a few years ago in London by Maggie Ronson. Fuck cancer! Bastard disease, took Ronno, my Mom, Benny Carruthers and so many more."

Woody Woodmansey - "Sweet, sweet man and a driving rhythm maker. Great sense of humor."

Trevor Bolder - "Another lovely man and an astute performer and musician."

Mike Garson - "I saw him playing on an English music show with Jools Holland. He looked better than he did when he toured with David."

Freddie Burretti - "First of all you have no idea how handsome this man was. David spotted him at the Sombrero. He was wearing WHITE Spandex hotpants with a navy blue sailors trim and a sailor shirt with short sleeves out of the same white spandex edged in navy on the collar and sleeves. He looked totally Scandinavian with high cheek bones and lots of blond hair, but he was tall and had big hands and feet speaking of his artistry and physical stamina. Every night he made new clothes to wear. He was so brilliant. He worked for a Greek tailor in the King's Road and he had a machine at home so he did work there too. Once we met and got to know each other I brought him down to live at Haddon Hall because it was easier for him to have everyone available for fittings etc. Before they went off on tour he came for the weekend and stayed for a couple of months and then Freddie and Danyella came with us to New York. Did he design for others? No, not really. Maybe a few things. He was just kept so busy by yours truly that it remained exclusive. I haven’t heard from Freddie since he went to Israel."

Ken Scott - "He is such a doll and his wife and those adorable twin girls, they must be grown up now. I saw them last in Los Angeles."

Mick Rock - "Is well and I believe still in New York photographing beautiful things, I’m sure. Mick is a very interesting man as well as a fine photographer."

Photo by Leee Black Childers

Sue Fussey (Ronson) - "I have always been very fond of Suzy. She’s smart and beautiful and a hard worker. Haven’t seen her for years. If you hear from her please send her my best and I would love to see her again. I think she’s been working with Tony DeFries again if I remember correctly."

Natasha Korniloff - "Nattier Cornelio - The designer of dreams. Roy Rogers and Clearence and I had a wonderful dinner with her about 8 or 9 years ago in Greenwich. I love Natasha."

Pierre La Roche - "He was supported towards the end of his battle with Aids by Mick Jagger and David.  I saw him in London before he passed away and it was very upsetting to see the weight he had lost and the havoc being played by a terminal illness on his psyche."

Where do you live now? 

I live in Tucson, Arizona in the American South West.

What are you currently working on? 

Currently I am working on my website and a new one woman show called WAITING AT HEAVEN’S DOOR.

Angela's two books: Free Spirit (1981) and Backstage Passes (1993)

Backstage Passes is currently out of print.  Will there be a reissue?

Yes - there will be a paper back version out soon.  The publishers of the reissue are Cooper Square and it will come with a new cover.

angie11.jpg (16013 bytes)

Backstage Passes (1993)
Paperback - 368 pages Reprint edition
Cooper Square Pub; ISBN: 0815410018

Do you have anymore books planned?

Yes - a new book called Tales of Joy as requested by my darling daughter, her favorite stories from my life. Humor.

Dagmar photo-session at my home in Tucson, Arizona

Angela can be emailed at

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