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Ziggy Stardust Poetry


by Hilary L (2002)

In the soul of every child
There's something yearning to be free
Far away from dingy cities
The sky is where they ought to be

 In the eyes of every child
You see innocence begin to fall
Replaced with the shine of glitter makeup
For the stardust coats us all

 In the heart of every child
Is the silent moon above
Gleaming brightly, ever-present
Filled with tales of timeless love

 In the hands of every child
Is the promise of a dream
A solemn vow of falling stars and skies
That are never what they seem

 And as those solemn, frightened children
Gathered together, near and far
To watch the dying of a legend
As our Ziggy played guitar.

---This page last modified: 25 Sep 2002--

-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)