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David Bowie recording PinUps at the Chateau d'Herouville, France (1973)

Pin-Ups (1973) 

"I HAD SEEN David record before, but during Pin-Ups I got to observe him up close for a full week.  It was a fascinating experience.   David obviously thrived on the whole process. He was probably at his most relaxed in a recording studio and was always very cheerful.  He generated a very positive atmosphere.  It was all 'up.'  David encouraged and fed off everyone's creative input and was never too insecure to surrender control. He would give Mick Ronson and Ken Scott (the engineer / co-producer) the general direction and then got out of the way.   He always seemed to love the results.  Part of Bowie's unique talent was his ability to charm and focus others into doing exactly what he needed.   A man of great natural charisma, he inspired others to do their best work.   [David Bowie] 'I enjoy working with the people I work with.  I want them to have fun too.   I feed off their enthusiasm and they feed off mine.'" - Mick Rock

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