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  Ziggy Stardust Poetry  

The Magic of Love

There is a magic high above
And its power is the gift of love
A love that fell upon our Earth Celebrated with a special birth.

He walked in beauty and in grace
And gave our hearts a special place
A place in which he'll always remain Ziggy Stardust was his name.

We watched thoes eyes, the mysterious stare
We fell in love, a love so rare
He made us cry, he made us sing
He gave us hope, he was our king.

How we longed for just one touch
Just a glace, we wished so much
We held his image in our hearts
We begged for it to always last.

Then suddenly on the darkest night
When his star was shining, oh so bright
He placed on us what he thought was right
He gave to us his last goodnight.

The tears that swept throughout the Earth
The ending of the sweetest birth
Many believe we, are the ones to blame
Nothing will ever be the same.

And to his spirit that lives on
I dedicate this special poem
Up above on the star you reside on
You will always be our magic guardian.

And to thoes of us who still remorse
I say, dont cry, but smile, because
If ever we need to feel his love
Just watch the sparkles, from his home above.

For thats the sign he gives to us
Thats the spell he'll always cast
To let us know that he is there
To show us that he'll always care.

Dedicated to the one and only, most enchanting being in the universe, Ziggy Stardust.

Vicky Gavri 2001

---This page last modified: 29 Jun 2002--

-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)