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  Ziggy Stardust Poetry  

He's Part Of Everything

He is in the shadows of every tree
Hovering over me in the dark.

He is in the coldness of every wind
Shivering me as the breeze hits my skin.

He is in the stillness of every night
Enchanting me with his darkness.

He is in the sound of every silence
Screaming to me in the quietness.

He is in the tears of every emotion
Soaking me during my heartbreaks.

He is in the shine of every star
Showering me with his sparkling stardust.

He is in the scent of every flower
Pleasuring me with the tender petals.

He is in the shine of every sun
Emersing my body with all his warmth.

He is in the blood of every cut
Running though me in my veins.

He is in the drops of every rain fall
Gently falling on me when I'm sad.

He is in the strength of every storm
Intriguing me with his power.

He is in the light of every candle
Surrounding me with his spirit.

He is in the smile of every laugh
Bringing me the joy of the moment.

He is in the sweetness of every dessert
Indulging me with the wondrous taste.

He is in the memory of every thought
Staying with me throughout my whole day.

He is in the energy of every occasion
Reminding me of the past and future.

He is in the beauty of every sunset
Watching me stare as the sky dims.

He is in the warmth of all my love
All the love I give to him.

He is in everything existant
He lives on for all time.

Dedicated to the Everlasting Spirt of Ziggy Stardust

Vicky Gavri 2001

---This page last modified: 29 Jun 2002--

-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)