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  Ziggy Stardust Poetry  

I Knew Ziggy Stardust

As the sun slowly melts into the horizon,
So a fiery reddened sky is born,
It makes me feel one with eternity,
It reminds me of you.
But just as the dusk settles in,
The light slowly fades into darkness,
It makes me feel alone again,
It sparks a yearning for you.
Night-time soon descends,
And a bright star twinkles far away,
My eyes light up and sparkle,
It jolts certain memories of you.
Then the dawn arrives anew,
It causes the star to dim and die,
That I can explain.
But with you I wonder why?
And sometimes at night,
I still call your name...

Copyright 2000 Kirsty Mather ... All rights reserved.

---This page last modified: 29 Jun 2002--

-Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)