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Gallery 25

David Bowie -  Chicago Hotel (October 1972)

Photographer: Mick Rock

"ROLLING STONE were pushing to press with a feature on the Ziggy phenomenon, and they needed cover and editorial photos yesterday.  They were looking for something provocative to reflect Bowie's outrageous persona but the tour schedule didn't allow time for a special session.  Back at the hotel getting ready for the Chicago concert, David, always pragmatic, suggested I take the photos there and then.  'I'll give them provocative,' he laughed, and proceeded to deliver.  He loved the results and contact sheets were sent to Rolling Stone.   They were delighted and were especially interested in certain very camp frames.   At the last minute, Tony DeFries asked me not to supply Rolling Stone with prints of the more provocative images..., or to anyone else.  He wasn't sure America could deal with them.  Twenty years later they look more playful than provocative, but I gave my word to Tony ..." - Mick Rock

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)