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David Bowie (1973)

Artwork by Steve Lowe.

"In 1976, my friend Brian and I were at the same college. During one particularly boring lecture, I turned my attention to 'doodling." What I didn't know was that, after Brian had asked me if he could keep the drawing, he sent it to the 'Bowie Bureau' fan club and sure enough, they printed it shortly afterwards. Four years later David Jeffrey Fletcher who wrote the Bowie biography "The Discography of a Generalist" used it for his 'Bowie Con 1" programme and convention which featured Ken Pitt. I only found out in the mid 1980's! Here's the button!" - Steve

"This was the silk badge we had to wear at the very first meeting of the 'Bowie Bureau' back in Manchester 1978 (this took pride of place on my school blazer!)

You may also recognize this from the Mick Rock Ziggy Stardust Calendar. Gill and Rita who ran the whole operation from the 'Isle of White' did so on a shoe string budget. For a nominal fee, you got a monthly newsletter - the best thing being that they sold colour pix at the back of the magazine. Over the years myself and Brian supplied occasional reading material and art work! The thrill of seeing our art in black and white, I'll never forget." - Steve

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